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Parish Staff

REV. JEAN OLIVIER M. SAMBU, PASTOR of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church

Deacon Roberto Cantú serves as the Deacon for Our Lady of Mercy. He is a native of Mercedes and aside from serving the Parish in his Diaconal role has spent a considerable time transferring all printed church records into electronics databases to build a sustainable archive of all vital records for Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church.

Annita Gonzalez serves as the bookkeeper for Our Lady of Mercy. In addition, she serves the Diocese of Brownsville in other capacities. She has a B.A., and MBA from UTPA and lives in Weslaco.

Diana Enriquez serves as the secretary for Our Lady of Mercy for 12 years. Former Director of Religious Education at Our Lady of Mercy from January 2017 till July 2019. Born in San Juan, Tx. and raised in Pharr with nine brothers and sisters, she has many nieces and nephews. She has a 38 year career with the Diocese of Brownsville. She served as a DRE for 26 years and is a certified DRE and Youth Minister. She also taught at St. Jude's in Pharr for 9 years. Her passion is to teach children about the WORD and LOVE of God!

Yolanda Escobar serves as Pastoral Assistance at Our Lady of Mercy and was a secretary at Diocese of Brownsville for 16 years.  She has 3 sibles and grandchildren. Lives in Harlingen, Texas.
Sylvia Jimenez serves as Parish Catechetical Leader at Our Lady of Mercy and is married and has children and lives in Weslaco, Texas.
Michael Martinez was recently appointed to serve as the IT for all Masses for Our Lady of Mercy.
Sergio García serves Our Lady of Mercy in maintaining the grounds, buildings, and other maintenance roles.